A Note From the Owner of BTC
When I started working on guns my intention was not to start a company but to build a gun that filled my needs as a daily
carry gun.  Over the years my modifications were requested by friends and students.  As time went on I slowly perfected the
work I was doing and today turn out some of the finest fighting handguns to be found.  Now my guns are used by citizens,
law enforcement and military personnel at home and abroad.
All of the modifications made are user designed not table designed.  I have carried a gun on a daily basis for 20+ years and
have taught thousands of shooters and shot an uncountable number of rounds in my life.  Through this experience, I have
found out what truly is needed to make a handgun work at its best with its shooter.  As a citizen with a CCW needing a
reliable concealable gun some of the modifications were designed to hide the gun and keep it from wearing on my clothes
and skin as well as maintain performance.
Now, as a working Deputy Sheriff assigned to the SWAT team I know the need of a tough gun that will hold up to the abuse
of a rolling fight.  It must also have a grip surface that will allow a sure hold without the need to over grip the gun and
diminish trigger control no matter how wet or sweaty your hands become.  My grip stippling is second to none in taking care
of this, and it will never get slick, chip, or flake.  The trigger must be smooth and crisp.  I don't create an ultra light liability
trigger but a great, lifetime of abuse fighting trigger you can control and hit with.
I literally stand behind my guns every day and trust my life to them and you can to.  My motto of "Custom handguns for real
world encounters" means these are tough, reliable fighting firearms that will stand the test of time.
I look forward to building a gun that you will be proud to own, shoot and that will give you peace of mind when it's needed