Handguns are inherently dangerous tools and Bowie Tactical Concepts will not be responsible for the misuse
and/or mishandling of any weapon nor for any personal injury or damage to you, your weapon, or any other
person.  REMEMBER, you are using the firearm Bowie Tactical Concepts customized for you at your own
risk.  Firearms safety and security are your personal responsibilities and we accept no liability for these
areas.  Bowie Tactical Concepts has no control over the ammunition you fire in your handgun and the manner
in which you use and handle your handgun.  Therefore, Bowie Tactical Concepts disclaims any and all liability
for any damages to your firearm, your person and to any property or to any person for the use of faulty or
improper ammunition in your handgun.  By sending your handgun to Bowie Tactical Concepts you assume all
responsibility for the use of the handgun.  Warranty issues for any product sold by Bowie Tactical Concepts
are to be addressed by the product manufacturer.

-Handle all firearms as if they were loaded
-Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire and remove your finger from the trigger before
holstering or setting firearm down.
-Always keep the firearms pointed in a safe direction.
-Always make sure your firearm is unloaded and the ammunition not readily accessible while dry firing or
cleaning your firearm.
-Bowie Tactical Concepts strongly recommends that you obtain training in the proper and safe handling and
firing of your firearm.  The National Rifle Association and a host of other schools can be found to aid in this
very important area.
-Be sure that the ammunition you use in your firearm is the proper caliber for it and is in good condition.

Glock, Kahr, Springfield Armory, Kimber, Smith and Wesson, H & K and Walther are trademark names of
their respective companies and are in no way affiliated with Bowie Tactical Concepts.