Again I would like to extend a THANK YOU! I am ashamed to admit the amount of guns I own, and ALL I own I shoot,
they do not sit in the safe (Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Kimber, &&&). I have not enjoyed a single gun more than the Glock
you built!! Truly accurate, balanced and practical !! I am looking forward to the 45ACP with these same features !
Matt Kutcher, Customer

“I was recently fortunate enough to be presented with a Bowie Tactical Custom G19 with a Trijicon Ruggedized
Miniature Reflex (RMR) RM02 sight. The quality of Dave’s workmanship is immediately apparent. The minute you pick
the pistol up you can feel that his modifications amplify everything good about Glock pistols. In particular on mine, Dave
cut the Reflex into the slide lowering it enough to make the profile more streamlined and snag free. He “melted” the gun,
radiusing any objectionable edges improving it even further for concealed carry. More importantly with the sight milled
into the slide it sits closer to the axis of the bore. Undercutting the trigger guard enabled me to achieve a higher grip on
the pistol. These two mods combined make a tangible, functional improvement in how quickly you can acquire the reticle
and significantly improves the overall G19/Reflex concept. Grinding off the finger grooves, stippling the grip 360° and
trimming and flaring the magazine well rounded out the package and improved how well I can manipulate the pistol.
Dave’s real-world tactical background, practical mindset and personal shooting experience (particularly with Reflex and
red-dot sights) results in well thought out, reliable modifications that eclipse any competition based or gimmicky mods.
Thanks to his obvious attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship I’ve got one helluva sexy, reliable work-horse in
my holster.”

Kelly McCann, President, Crucible

"The Bowie Glock is born from a high level of practical knowledge and functional understanding of what is
needed in a combat pistol.  Check out David Bowie, I think you'll be glad you did."
Dave Spaulding, "Handguns Magazine" Aug/Sept 2004

"I've just received 2 custom Glock pistols from gunsmith David Bowie and I've been impressed with his
work... What Bowie does to he grip frame is the best of it's type I have ever seen.  If you like Glock pistols, I
predict that you'll love what David Bowie does for them.  It's a new kind of perfection."
Gary Paul Johnston, "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement" April 2005

"David Bowie transforms the Glock and other polymer frame pistols into personalized works of art that boast
dependability and personal fit.  His attention to detail and his work ethic is second to none.  I was extremely
happy with its shooting performance.  Another testimony to the enhancements made by Bowie Tactical
Jack (Happy Jack) Yahle, "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement" November 2005

"David Bowie has taken a very good pistol, the S&W M&P, and turned it into a world class act...There are
plenty of pistolsmiths who can make your gun look a bit racier.  Achieving any tangible improvement in
performance is another issue all together.  When the stakes are high, painting it black and calling it tactical
just won't do.  So team, to be sure you're getting the best, go to a proven winner and avoid the imposters.  
Bowie Tactical Concepts is the real deal."
-Mike Boyle, "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement" July 2007  

"If you have a favorite 'plastic pistol' that you would like to see taken from 'good to great,' the folks at Bowie
Tactical Concepts speak your language."
-Paul Markel, "Custom Combat Handguns" 2008

"Many people customize polymer frame handguns but no one I have ever seen does it better than David
Bowie of Bowie Tactical Concepts.  He has done several projects for me, including Crimson Trace
Lasergrips, and the end result has always been superb.  His work is highly recommended."
Larry A. Vickers, career US Army Special Operations soldier-retired, Member American Pistolsmiths Guild,
Founding Member IDPA, Professional marksmanship trainer and industry consultant

"Bowie's work is more artistic that mechanical.  It has a great touch to it.  He converts the shape, style, and
ergonomics of the gun, making it more concealable and easier to draw.  I'd call him the Michaelangelo of
Don Shumake, master gunsmith, "Parkersburg Sentinel" February 17, 2005

"I received my Glock 26 frame earlier this week. Pictures from your site just can't show the detail and actual
texture that can be appreciated  once in the hand. Its my back up/off duty and you took it to another
functional level."
Kevin McCall, customer

"My Glock is happy to be home and I can finally shoot it.  Awesome, awesome job!  I didn't know what to
expect with the grip, but I love it so far.  (I hope it doesn't scratch my face when I sleep with it tonight).  The
slide is perfection at its best."
Garrett Wrobel, customer

"The modifications you made to my G-17 and G-19 are the best and most practical one could ask for...thank
you again David!"
Tom Trask, customer

"Just got my Glock model 19 back.  Couldn't be happier!  The grip is fantastic...so much better than stock!  
There may be a .45 GAP in my future, if so, the first thing I'll do is ship it off to you.  Thanks for the great
work and prompt return."
Jeff Sanders, customer

"Just got my Glock back from you.  It's great.  So good, I would like you to modify another one."
Barry Miller, customer

"I got the BTC G17 yesterday.  This is the most professional grip reduction I have seen.  The stippling is also
better looking than any other of the Glock smiths around."
Bruce Kaiser, customer

"David, I received my G21 from you on Thursday and I took it to the range on Sunday.  Whoa!! Rapid fire X,
shot-to-shot recovery X, natural pointing X, secure grip X.  This is a dream come true.  I wish that I had this
gun ten years ago.  I used to think that Glocks couldn't get much better.  Man was I wrong."
Derwin Davis, customer

"Just really got to put the Glock 19 you did for me through its paces.  I cannot tell you how nice this weapon
is doing for me.  Words cannot explain the enhanced shooting ability I now have.  The grip reduction is
perfect.  The trigger job, outstanding.  I am as accurate with this weapon as I am with my Les Baer .45!  
That's saying a lot!  I had lost confidence in the Glock until now.  Thanks so much for the time and
craftsmanship you used with this weapon.  I carry it often and know it will function well should I ever need it!  
Again, thanks!"
John Griffith, customer

"Just got my signature series Glock 22 and 23 back today--I could not have been more impressed.  It's not
an exaggeration to say that you're doing the kind of work on polymer pistols that the folks at Wilson Combat
and Les Baer are doing on 1911's.  The quality is fantastic.  It looks like factory work, but it shoots like a
match gun.  This really is the ultimate refinement of the Glock.  I'm sending you my 17 and 19 back in the
same box for their own signature packages.  Great work!"
-Aaron Terry, customer

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work on my M&P45.  I was finally able to shoot it this weekend
and it was amazing.  I think my 1911's will become safe queens."  

-Ryan Rodriguez, customer